Rotating Galleries is a private venture started by Jim Stephenson late March 2010 with the aim of providing unique, great quality and affordable art.

He moved back to Hoboken in January of 2010 and with his background as an artist and architect, it was a dream fulfilled when the space opened up at 207 Washington Street - Hoboken, NJ 07030. The gallery operates as a retailer of art but it temporarily populates empty storefronts on a short term basis.

After the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival in early May 2010, the gallery got more exposure in the community and its starting roster of ten artists has expanded into thirty three currently. RG works with its artist closely to select great works and also set the price points. Most of the proceeds of the sales go back to the artist as well.

The core members of the gallery are:
James Stephenson, Andrea Kroenig, Oscar A. Laluyan and Lauren Mercado.

We hope to be a great artistic addition to the community and be a resource of great yet affordable art.

Currently located at 320 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030.